Healing & 12 Powers

Unity began as a healing ministry. We believe that the soul heals the body through the power of Spirit. We teach about twelve power centers in the body that can be activated for the purpose of healing, each corresponding to an energy center:

Faith in the center brain, will and understanding in the front brain, imagination at the third eye, power in the throat, zeal at the base of the brain, love at the heart, wisdom at the solar plexus, order at the navel, strength at the base of the spine, elimination in the lower abdomen and life in the reproductive organs.

12 powers affirmations can be used for healing. For example, if you were having digestive issues, you could activate the power of order in that part of the body by saying: “Divine order is active in my body and in my life. All material is processed wisely and efficiently by my body. I am healthy and strong as I allow God’s law of perfect harmony and balance to manifest through my organs and tissues.”

Here are also some general healing affirmations:

In all circumstances, I heal knowing I am whole. Every cell in my body is full of divine life. Centered in divine life, I flourish in every way. My body is a temple of the Living Spirit of God, which is the manifestation of perfect life, wholeness, health, wellness, energy, strength, power, vigor, youth and comfort. I have eternal life through the Christ at work in me, through me and as me. My faith heals me now.

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