Prayer & Meditation

Unity practices affirmative prayer. Here are some general affirmations:

The peace of God flows within each breath. Peace is mine as I rest in this timeless moment. I pause. I breathe. I enter an inner sanctuary of peace.

In a spirit of peace, I seek to understand and appreciate others. I am at peace with all of humanity. We all share One Mind, One Heart, and One Spirit.

In the harmony of divine love, I bless my relationships. By the power of divine order, I easily adjust to changing conditions. My thoughts and actions contribute to harmony in the world. Divine guidance inspires my every step.

By faith, I perceive the real and true in every circumstance. I am in tune with universal intelligence within and around me. God is always present.

Our prayer chaplains are honored to affirm the Truth for you and with you. You may send prayer requests to virtually.

Unity also teaches meditation as a means of deepening our realization of God’s presence in our lives. Meditation is part of Unity’s five-step prayer process.

We are now posting weekly prayer messages as additional spiritual support on our Facebook page. Our monthly meditation group meets after the Sunday service every fourth Sunday. Also see our new prayer request submission form page.

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