Bible Interpretation

Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of Unity, taught a method of Bible interpretation which they called “metaphysical.”

When we read the holy scriptures, we are looking not only for metaphorical and allegorical meanings of the stories, characters, places and things, but deeper than that, we are seeking the personal and spiritual meanings of the text.

We affirm that each person is guided by the Spirit of Truth within to interpret the Bible in keeping with the message that God is revealing to them and through them. The Bible is our foundational text and we use it as a basis for prayer.

For more information on metaphysical Bible interpretation, check out the classic reference texts, Metaphysical Bible Dictionary and The Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore. There are also Bible interpretations posted on

Our Bible study group meets at 10:00am every Sunday before the service at 11:00am. We are currently studying the Gospel of Matthew with a metaphysical lens.

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