About Unity of Topeka

Because we are all connected by Spirit, Unity acknowledges the oneness of all people with God and with each other. 

Unity is more a school than a church. It is an educational movement dedicated to helping people live wiser, healthier, and more prosperous lives.

Unity doctrine consists of only five points:

  1. Unity understands God as Absolute Good, lawfully unfolding, and the only spiritual power in the universe.
  2. Unity understands people as eternal souls, operating from a center of original virtue, not original sin.
  3. Unity understands that thoughts create the nature of our daily experience. Accordingly, we prefer to think positively and to affirm goodness in every situation.
  4. Unity understands the value of practicing an awareness of the presence of God through private meditation.
  5. Unity understands that our lives improve only to the degree that we put into action our awareness of God’s absolute unconditional goodness, the original virtue of people, the power of the mind, and the importance of meditation.

Unity believes in practically applying spiritual principles to daily physical living. We know God to be Spirit, as Jesus taught, and that we are spiritual as well as physical beings. We believe that through affirmative prayer and positive thinking, any barrier to our good can be overcome.

Unity is:

MORE a positive attitude than a doctrine.

MORE a call to affirmative prayer than a church.

MORE interested in meeting spiritual needs than in writing creeds.

Is Unity a Church?

We meet on Sunday mornings and we begin our scriptural search with what has been said about Jesus Christ, but we include all inspired writings without prejudice. We encourage developing spirituality over promoting our religion.

Since its founding as a Kansas City, MO, prayer ministry in 1889, Unity has embraced all people of all philosophies with love and understanding.